Bubble Rewards Rules

Invite your friends and get Bubble Rewards.


APY.TOP is a multi-chain APY tracking and investing tool. Monitoring 5000+ vaults on over 200 protocols through 27 chains.

The invitation system brings together early communities and rewards them with bubbles. When you join with an invitation, and when someone you invite uses an invitation, you get bubble rewards.

What is "Bubble"?

"Bubble" is APY.TOP platform proof of rights and interests. The more bubbles you get, the more opportunities to redeem rewards for participating in the platform.

The exchange of platform rewards is not limited to airdrops, IDOs, whitelists, NFTs, etc. of cooperative project parties.

Bubble redemption is coming soon. For more surprises, please continue to follow us.

How to get Bubbles?



Register and connect wallet (with invitation code)


Register and connect wallet (without invitation code)


Invite a friend


Friend invites another friend


Daily sign in(Daily increment +1, 10 days upper limit)


Note: We will check the number of bubbles. If there are malicious and false growth of bubbles through technology, we will stop such kind of behaviors and clear these bubbles.

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