Explore Opportunities

Not sure where to deposit your tokens or what DeFi has available? This page is for you. Explore Opportunities will search for you exactly what you are looking for.

Search Pool/Lending/Protocol

With our search list, you can search directly for any pool/lending/protocol you need.

APY Section

In the APY section, you can specifically search for pools according to different criteria.

(1) Search for relevant pools by directly selecting one or more blockchains

(2) Filter by risk index for pools that meet the requirements

(3) Filter pools by directly entering APY or TVL values

(4) Select Stable/Single Token/LP to directly search for all corresponding pools

Lending Section

In the Lending section, you can specifically search for Lending based on different criteria.

(1) Directly select one or more blockchains to search for relevant Lending

(2) Filter all Lending by risk index

(3) Enter the tokens you want to offer or borrow to filter the eligible Lending

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